Inaccurate Reading / Troubleshooting advice

I’ve recently built up the SLC Free 2, all joints soldered properly etc.
It’s connected to a genuine bosche lsu4.9.
It boots fine, seems to connect to the sensor fine. The heater readout updates, however the lambda value constantly flickers between ~0.99 and ~1.04 regardless of conditions (car on, off, wot).
How can I go about troubleshooting this and isolating if it’s a dead sensor or something has gone wrong on the controller?

are all 6 pins on the sensor connector connected to SLC Free 2?

Thank you!
I re-pinned all the connectors today and checked continuity, seems to be working perfectly now :))

I have an issue with Simulated Narrowband Output
Obd1 LT1 Trans Am.
I’ve removed my LEFT o2 sensor and installed LSU 4.9 sensor. Everything is connected properly.
Is reads extremly lean condition left bank vs oem right sensor (OBD scan tool readings)
Ecm tries to richen the mixture. Actually it runs very rich and the SLC2 shows 10 AFR.
I compared both lefr and right o2 ECM readings with a scan tool. Right sensor works good. 0.1-0.9 volts beautiful graph.
Left simulated SLC2 singnal shows only 0.3-0.4 volt readings.
How to make it work in the proper way? Is it o2 sensor issue or smth else?

Here is my original connector.
What should i connect to pin ‘A’?
It is not connected at the moment