Will a 4.2 LSU extension cable work with a 4.9 LSU?

I want to move my O2 sensors further back, so that I can read all cylinders (I have 4-2-1 headers, and current only read two cylinders on each bank). The easiest way would be to use an extension cable between the controller and the sensor cable. I’m only finding extension cables for Bosch 4.2 LSU, not for 4.9. But the connectors look the same, will a 4.2 extension work?

4.2 is a different connector.

OK, thanks!

Was there ever a version of the Spartan 2 with 4.2 sensors? Just want to make sure I get the right cable. I purchased my Spartan 2s in late 2019.

There was never a version of Spartan for the LSU 4.9. Your unit is certainly LSU 4.9.

There are longer versions of the LSU 4.9, the Bosch 17025 is maybe twice as long as the 17014 that I sell.

Thanks again, I’ll check that one out.