Termite and the serial commands

Just received my Spartan 3 and starting to play with it on the bench. However not much success so far.
Based on the userguide I assume some of the serial commands should display information on the terminal. gettype, gethw, getfw, etc…
I seem to be able to connect through my COM9 as if I enter any command and hit enter, the red led lights up for a second, but there is nothing displayed on the terminal.
First I only connected the USB cable, then I thought it requires the +12V and ground, so I tried it that way as well, but no success either way.
I have no sensor connected as of now.
Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing or misunderstanding something?



You need the LSU heater ground, Pin 4 on the screw terminal, connected to access the serial port. Let me know if that solves the issue.

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