Spartan3 startup using CLT/RPM for bosch warmup curve


New owner here of a dual spartan3/ms3 setup on my 03’ cobra. I was reading through another forum that you mentioned having the spartan3 setup to receive CLT and RPM data from the MS3 so it can use that to prevent the heaters to turn on until the motor is over 500rpm and then ramp up the warmup on the sensor with the CLT temp.

Is that current feature of FW 1.0? is is this a planned future feature? I see no mention of it in any of your documents.

The new firmware is going to release in about a week. Spartan 3 will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for RPM >300 before starting the sensor heating process.

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Firmware is available now, firmware 1.04, Software and Documentation | 14Point7

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Thank you. I’ve installed the new firmware and activated the RPM method using “setslowheat” to 2 and enabled dash broadcasing and set to automatic all per the instructions.

The issue is I don’t believe it can handle a situation where you start the motor, drive for a few minutes and then turn the motor off (for example at a gas station to fillup) and then start again and drive off.

Yesterday I had to drive home with the widebands slow flashing as if they were not up to temp because it seemed they are resetting the startup process. It took me approx 10min to drive home and they would not report AFR to the MS3 due to the slow blinking. The vehicle was already up to temp so they should of activated immediately.

Is this behavior per design? In your comment above it says “wait maximum of 10min for RPM >300 before activating the sensor heating process” I believe it should be RPM < 300 not “greater than”. Was that a typo in your response or is that how the programming is?

When the engine is started is when the oxygen sensor should start to heat up, an RPM value greater than 300 is the threshold for deciding the engine has started and thus when to heat the sensor.

Yes sir and it does on initial startup… I drive the car for 20-30min then pulled into a gas station, turned the car off and filled up. Started the car and the spartan3’s just blinked slowly for an entire 10min on the way home before they lit solid red.

Just giving you my real world feedback. I tested this about 4 times and same result. I’ve disabled this feature for now.