Spartan3 light stuck on 16,5

I have ~10 hrs on spartan3 lite with bosch LSU ADV 4.9 probe.
Up until this week, system worked great.
Now, on startup, the controller runs thru calibration then hangs at 16.5.
The led in the controller is in slow blink mode - probe cold.

So, is this a failed probe or controller issue? Suggestions appreciated.

Car: '73 porsche 911, MFI pump 2.4S engine.
Probe is in bung in header upstream of muffler


Well, somewhat embarrassed, but user error was problem:

Alan suggested checking that pin3 was getting 12V, and it was.
However in checking I did find the problem.

The connector [O2 probe :: cable connecting to controller] had somehow worked loose - it was still connected but not firmly.

Snapped that back into place & surprisingly the probe worked!

So, my bad, back to tuning now that TX temps have settled into steady 100 + degree HEAT.