Spartan3 20ms vs 10ms

I see the default in the manual states 20ms is the default. The website when purchasing boasts a 10 ms performance. What is the reason for the default to be 20ms, and are there any considerations I should think about before setting it to 10ms?

There are two performance modes, 0 and 1. Performance mode 0 is the default and it offers ~20ms response time. Performance mode 1 offers ~10ms response time.

In Performance mode 1, the pump cell of the sensor is run at the datasheet limit. The pump cell is driven/powered by current and the maximum allowable current for the LSU 4.9 Pump Cell is 10ma for lean exhaust gas and -6ma for rich gas.

In Performance mode 0, the pump cell is run at ~50% the maximum limit. This mode is more gentle on the wideband sensor vs Performance mode 1.

Performance Mode 1 offers more consistent response times vs the lambda/AFR of exhaust gases compared to Performance Mode 0.

In Performance mode 1 the Lambda/AFR readings from Spartan 3 has a bit more noise in it vs Performance mode 0. In Performance mode 1 Spartan 3 only has 10ms worth of data to average, in Performance mode 0 Spartan 3 has 20ms worth of data (twice the amount of data) to average.

My intention with the performance modes was for the user to switch to performance mode 1 when tuning or racing, then switch back to performance mode 0 for regular driving.

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Awesome, that makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the quick and thorough reply!