Spartan 3 with torque App

Hi there, I want to purchase a Spartan 3 CAN for a future CAN enabled ecu upgrade.
My current ecu is an apexi power FC with FC datalogit.

Therefore I’ll only be able to input analogue wideband into the datalogit box.

To view air fuel ratio this means I’ll need a laptop in the car full time :frowning:

QUESTION: can I connect an android device with the Torque app over USB and the analogue input to FC datalogit at the same time?

I also want to use the digital signal (via the torque app, to validate the AN signal in the datalogit)

Is there any videos of this torque app with spartan 3 working, how fast is the update rate?

Well looks like no reply…

BUT I took a punt and purchased the Spartan 3 CAN anyways.

The answer to my question is YES IT WORKS, analogue out at same time as USB serial out to Torque App.
The update rate is very good in the Andriod torque app, you also get sensor temperature!

I notice the andriod device doesn’t charge (not powered) from the serial OTG cable connected to the spartan 3.
So unsure what to do there if you are after a permanent solution, or an Android gage in the car