Spartan 3 lite reading rich

I just installed my spartan 3 lite adv. My gauge and datalog are showing slightly richer afr than an my accessport. For example, during light closed loop, my accessport shows 14.7 while my gauge and datalog shows 14.2. WOT shows full rich afr of 10. Do I need to do a free air Calibration? Any suggestions?

Are you using an ADV or 4.9 sensor?

ADV, order #8368. Sensor has short cable. I thought the unit came configured for the sensor. How can I confirm?

You ordered the unit with the adv sensor so I set it to adv before I send it out.

What is “accessport”?

That what I understood when ordered.
Accessport is a device used to load, tune, and datalog ecu. It also displays live data.

Alan, could location of sensor cause my issue? Sensor is located about 9 inches past the turbo. I have another bung after my hi-flow cat, but I would need a longer cable to reach it. If so, would it be possible to get an extension cable using the small male and female connectors that fit the Spartan box? Would need about 2 feet more.


Alan, sending you a direct email to discuss option offline.