Spartan 3 Lite Narrowband

Considering a Spartan 3 Light with LSU 4.9 ADV for my 1995 Miata. Setting up for future addition of MS3, but since the rest of the car is total analog, figure can use the Lite version with no CAN bus. Is that right?

Also, want to make sure that the first output of the SL3Lite will drive my stock ECU from the factory, or instructions (or pointer to instructions) on how to edit that mapping. I looked on the website but could not find the instructions for customizing the analog outputs.

For now, I hope to use the output #1 for the stock ECU and output #2 for a gauge (I’ll probably go with the 14Point7 gauge or there is someone out there who makes a very small digital gauge that requires a modified signal), so I might need to adjust the signal from the stock settings to something that other gauge likes. Again - can someone point me to how to customize those settings? Sorry if stupid question…

Once I do install the MS3, then I’ll want the two outputs to drive the MS3 and drive the gauge, so again will need to customize.

Thanks in advance.