Spartan 3 installed as CAN Device

I am installing (2) spartan 3 wbo2 controllers on a ms3 pro ultimate with (3) other CAN devices and am having trouble getting the ms3pu to see the controllers data in tunerstudio. I followed the instructions for installing multiple controllers in tunerstudio.
I must be doing something wrong, possible another CAN device setting not playing well with the Spartan 3’s?


Trying getting one to work.

Today I plan to disconnect all my other can devices, IOX, CANEGT, DBWx2 and hook just 1 Spartan 3 to the CANBus. Is it possible to get the CANBus protocol for the Spartan 3 ? I was unable to find any CAN specifics on your website or MSEXTRA.
I also plan to double check my termination resistor settings and polarity on my CANBus wiring.
I appreciate your attention to this, I hope this discussion can help others.
Thanks Dave

Ill try just one Spartan 3 now

With (1) Spartan 3 only on the CANBus … Still no action on the Tunerstudio dash indicator for AFR. When I change CAN Receiving local variable channel to status 5 instead of EGO1 I get data in the datalog, nothing for AFR in the datalog.
msq. and mlg. here

CANBus wiring checked out

Tried reloading ms3pu firmware and fresh main controller ini. All I’ve gotten so far for afr readings on tunerstudio gauges is a 25.5 afr right after powering down the Spartan. while the gauge wired into the analog outputs reads 14.2 for 5 seconds them 17.4 for 5 seconds then flutters around 22.3 till I power it down. Again only on the external gauge hooked to the Spartan 3 analog 0-5v output

The default CAN BAUD rate on MS3 is 500k bits/s, did you change it to another BAUD rate?

Still default 500k … My previous WBO2’s were a pair of LC2’s serial ported into the CANEGT which is on the CANBUS. It also looks like I’ve used the …MS2… settings, i’m running a MS3 pro ultimate. So “disable runtime data” enabled in the project properties, Serial baud rate changed to 19200, possibly a Special ini. file for the CANEGT I havent looked at the ini. and maybe more strange settings. It looks like the MS3 settings are for just reading from the CANEGT. Quote from the install manual of the CANEGT … “The MS2 will require setting up project properties; with an MS3, this is not required to read data from a CANEGT”.
Can this be my problem ?

Looking at the spartan 3 in a terminal …
What does the information am I seeing mean with the “GETDEFINITIONS” and the “G” command?
I’m looking to calibrate the CANADC information since we still cant get tunerstudio to see CANEGO . Jean thinks theres a bug and James needs more convincing.

I need to know what the spartan 3 is outputing on the CANBUS as to verify its working correctly and to know if I am getting the right transformations plugged into tunerstudio. I realize its supposed to be outputing Lambda by default.
The “G” output … What is this information ?

And for the “GETDEFINITIONS” output?

CAN Receiving Bug

More info here

I would appreciate if you’d look at my msq and datalog for errors.


If you can not get it working then, you can return the units back to me for a refund, please pm me or email me.