Spartan 3 Beta firmware 1.01

Edit Aug 31 2022: Firmware is out of BETA and is available for download as Firmware 1.04, Software and Documentation | 14Point7

Edit Mar 3 2022: Users have been reporting issues with the BETA firmware, the BETA firmware has been taken down, working on fixing the issues.

Firmware changes:
-For MegaSquirt 3 ECU, when “SLOWHEAT2” serial command is sent, Spartan 3 will delay the LSU heater startup for up to 10 minutes until it detects that RPM is greater than 300 over CAN Bus. After 10 minutes the LSU heater will heatup even if no RPM is detected. Simplified Dash Broadcasting must be enabled on the MS3 ECU; Tuner Studio → CAN-Bus/Testmodes → Dash Broadcasting → Set Enable to “On”.

-Delay CAN Bus initialization for 10 seconds.

This is an updated firmware
(Download link emoved)

If you have problems or success please post it in this thread.

I recently installed a Spartan 3 and prior to getting it going upgraded to the beta firmware in order to utilize the SLOWHEAT2 command.

Everything appeared to work correctly for an approximately 100 mile drive until shutting the car down and restarting. From that point on, the unit settles around 14.6-14.7 and does not change. Red light observed to slow blink.

Thinking maybe this was something to do with the SLOWHEAT setting, I attempted to change the unit to SETSLOWHEAT0 and reboot, but upon restarting the same setting is retained. SETSLOWHEAT1 also does not retain the setting change after a power cycle. Other settings (SETCANR0 / SETCANR1) do retain settings upon reboot.

Please advise on potential fixes and provide a link to the prior firmware so I can attempt a downgrade to see if that solves the problem.

This is a new Beta firmware it should fix the issue with Slowheat setting not changing.

This is the stock firmware

I did not want to misuse the 1.05 firmware topic, so I ask it here.
Should the slowheat2 mode work even if the can mode actually is configured for linkecu?
I configured my G4X to broadcast the RPM on the 3rd and 4th byte of the stream on id1512 and I can see it being transmitted via RealDash, though I am not sure if the endianess is set properly.
The MS3 manual says it is big endian, but the sample they show is LS first setting in the PCLink which is little endian I think, so I am not sure which one is correct. You can see the screenshots on the following links of the settings and data:
MS3 spec:!Ale4oyMCOgLThYw0b8d2f3YqLpB0gg
MS3 example in the spec:!Ale4oyMCOgLThYw1tflI44I42HCRKw
PCLink config:!Ale4oyMCOgLThYw2jf8uqb_scSTiig
RealDash CAN monitor:!Ale4oyMCOgLThYw3T3uvEdQfSb7pxQ