Spartan 2 reading rich

I have had this unit since August of 2016 and it has worked flawlessly. It connected to a MS3 and I have it split off to a Speedhut AFR gauge. I believe this started intermittently but I could be mistaken.
Both the gauge and Tunerstudio read properly during startup as well as passing the free air/butane test. The gauge never gets above 12 but the car drives normally and plug coloring is right where I would expect it.

Any words of wisdom?

Do the Free Air Test from here Spartan 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Post your result.

I did that and I tested it with butane. both passed.

Redo the tests but this time have the gauge connected, I suspect the gauge is at fault.

I didn’t do a free air test without the gauge but I did shut the car off, disconnect the gauge signal wire and restart the car and tuner studio still read the same. no change.

Just reread this. I thought you said run the test with the gauge disconnected. I originally ran the tests with the gauge and MS3 connected Both MS3 and the gauge read as they should.

Here is a picture of a plug that I pulled after about an hours drive with the gauge between 10 and 11 AFR the whole time. It doesn’t look rich to me but I’m no tuner.

In case anyone is interested the sensor was bad. put in a new one and it’s reading how it should.