Spartan 2 microsquirt problems

I just got back a car from a year ago that is running microsquirt with a spartan 2. It is running fine but wanted idle tuned better. All I get from the ego is a maxed afr. The led blinks slowly at first, havent let it run long enough to warm up. I try to calibrate the spartan 2 per the discussion but only get a 13.5 reading in first seconds of microsquirt power up, no second pulse and then goes to 9.5. Is this sign of a failing spartan 2? Failing bosch wideband? Any advice would be helpful

What firmware are you on? What settings have you fiddled with?

I had similar issues but installing the latest firmware and disabling the “wait for RPM” option got things sorted out for me.

Any updates on this problem… I’m suffering something similar