Spartan 2 and LPG settings/readings

hi everybody,

I bought a Spartan2 widebandcontroller because I want to replace my Innovate MTX-L.
My project is a 454 Chevy Big Block in my GMC Suburban that is fueled with a LPG injection system controlled by a Megasquirt MS3X ECU.

The Innovate gauge has the possibility to change the fuel type from gasoline to LPG or whatever other fuel so it will show the correct AFR based on the lambda value its reading.

So I have 2 querstions:

  1. how do I setup my Spartan2 so when it measures stoïch for my LPG setup it shows 15.5 AFR (LPG) and not 14.7 (gasoline).

  2. Is there a simple gauge I can connect that will show either lambda values or AFR values that are correct for LPG?

Hope you can help me switch over to Spartan2.

these are my project pages:


  1. Spartan 2’s output is 0.68 lambda to 1.36 lambda, which is 10-20 AFR for gasoline, which is 10.54 to 21.08 AFR for LPG. In Tuner studio there is a setting where you input the voltage to AFR curve, it should be something like 10.54 AFR @ 0v and 21.08 @ 5v.

  2. I do not know of a LPG gauge compatible with Spatan 2.

thanks for replying.

Thats actually exactly what I tried myself in the mean time. And it works OK.

I shared my findings in this topic:

I actually also made a Youtube video and modified the excel file a little so it works correctly for alternative fuels to improve accuracy with Tunerstudio.
(57) Spartan 2 setup and calibration with alternative fuels - YouTube