Solid AFR Guage wiring

I am running an MS3 and a Spartan2.

With the AFR guage I have tapped into the S2 signal wire.

For the Black ground wire of the guage should that goto the heater ground location or signal ground?

White ground is to Chassis.

Black ground wire on gauge should be grounded to where the Spartan 2 Black wire is grounded. The white wire on the guage, is recommended to be left disconnected.

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Thank you for the reply. I’ll remove the white wire.

My black wire on the spartan 2 goes to the MS3 signal ground.

No issue sinking the gauge to that signal ground as well?

I know generally the signal ground should be for sensors that are powered on the Megasquirts 5v ref output.

No issue with the gauge using the same ground as well.

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