Solid AF gauge troubleshooting

My Solid gauge display digits do not light up but is receiving power. Are any electronic troubleshooting tools available? Funny two year warranty and it died after 2 year and one month…

Does anyone know if the company is flexible with the warranty??

I tested in my electronic lab with my lab power supply at an antistatic workstation and the display is non responsive as I created a connection cable using a JST female connector

I have started to reachout in social media for Support.

My 14Point7 AF gauge died a month after the warranty expired. Tech support is non responsive thus far. I decided to build a temporary gauge while I repair the 14point7. I thought of a least 6 different ways to convert the 0-5V signal to 10-20 AF easily/quickly. Math wise the formula is AF =(voltage *2) +10. My thought was hey the most significant digit is always “1” so therefore we are only interested in the last two. I decided that if I used an op amp in noninverting mode I could use it to multiply the AF voltage by two and used a simple LED voltage meter to display the last two digits we are interested in. Total cost approx $3. My bench test was successful last night will try on the car today.

OK my prototype is functional on the car. Of course, the Solid AF gauge is dead. I see that I have approx 8 views, could someone say hello??? I also hope to hear from 14point7 at soon… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: