Reading lambda over USB/serial


I have a Spartan 3 + LSU 4.9 and I was wondering how could I retrieve the lambda value through serial on my computer.
It’s possible since it’s how it works on Torque Pro but I can’t find any informations about this topic.



send “GETDEFINITIONS” this will tell you info about the sensor data format. send “G” to get the sensor data.

in the last part under “>G”
AFR = 50.0, Sensor Temperature = 780[C]

1… Does the setlamfivev only affect the linear output separate from the CANBUS output?
2 … Is the CANBUS output adjustable on the Spartan3 side?
3 … Would you just adjust the CANBUS data conversion through tunerstudio under Tools / “Calibrate AFR Table”?

  1. It only effects the linear output.
  2. Need more explanation, I do not understand the question
  3. CAN Bus data conversion is in the “CAN receiving” section of Tuner Studio. The “Calibrate AFR Table” is for using the analog inputs.

“2. 1. Need more explanation, I do not understand the question”

Can the CAN lambda output be configured, like the analog output is with setlamfivev and setlamzerov?

The question is much less important now that I know the setlamfivev & setlamzerov covers just the analog output.
The “calibrate AFR table” within tunerstudio will cover adjusting the CANbus data.