Over rich mixtures above 92kpa

Hi all,
I’m having an issue with the spartan 2. No matter what i do, the WB is reading 10.3 above 92kpa and at WOT.

Here’s my setup
Megasquirt microsquirt v3.0 with latest tunerstudio.
Nissan L18
GM sensors, injectors and TB.
Sard FPR, Walbro pump.

I’ve calibrated the WB with the spreadsheet.
I have a solid LED light from the sensor indicator.

No matter what I do the readout registers maximum richness.

The only thing I can think is wrong is the sensor distance from the port. It’s about 3 feet from the port because I have 4-2-1 headers and the final collector is that far down.



Have we been talking over email? If not then please send me an email, it is available from my website.