My saprtan 2 oem is not working

so i just bought spartan 2 oem 2 monts ago and just tested it the sensor heats up but the linear output doesnt show up any thing i checked with my multii meter it shows -058.7 mv when the sensor already hot
and beetween eground and 5v it shows-005.7mv and the resistance beetween the e ground and 5 v is1.989k ohm

upon power up you should be getting ~1.66v and then ~3.33v on the linear output, please check if you get those voltages.

nope , it just read 3.1 mv. and the gnd 5v pin only read 120 mv
Between Lin and heateer ground it read 9.5 v

Those voltages make no sense. There are two grounds on the module, electronics ground and heater ground, are both grounded?

nope their are not grounded both i only ground thee H ground ,should i ground both of the from the 12v power supply ?

The electronics ground has to be grounded as well as the heater ground needs to be grounded. You can ground it together but that is not optimal but atleast it will work.

greeat thanks for the information thank god i didnt burnt the sensor all the function works now ,firstly ithought the e ground is a sensor ground hahahha now iknow ,thanks cant wait to be a delaler here in indonesia