Gauge Piggyback Wiring and Calibration


I purchased a Spartan2 from 14point7’s Australian distributor (JustRaceParts) as well as their Multi Gauge linked at the bottom of this thread which has AFR reading,

I have a Megasquirt3 Pro ECU and am wiring this up now,

  1. The Spartan2 has 1 linear output wire that will go to the MS3Pro ECU, can this wire be piggybacked/spliced and run to the Multi Gauge as well as the ECU?

  2. The Multi Gauge interprets 0v = 10.2 and 5v = 20, will this read correctly or need some calibration (similar to this Maximizing Accuracy between 14Point7 Wideband Controllers and Megasqui | 14Point7)
    I don’t mind if the gauge isn’t 100% accurate as long as it’s reasonably close enough


JRP 14in1 Digital OLED Multi Gauge Display v2.5 ::

Yes to both questions.