Gauge Correction

I have changed from Innovate LC-2 (LSU 4.2) to Spartan 2 (LSU 4.9).
I have wired the Green wire (Linear Output) to both the Megasquirt 2 (MS2) & the input to the Innovate AFR gauge (gauge only, with no controller).
I have performed the compensation procedure on the MS2.
Therefore, the readout on Tuner Studio is compensated AFR, but the readout on the gauge is uncompensated AFR.
Is there an easy way to get the gauge to read the same as the TS gauge?
The only way I know of is to output the compensated reading to an analog output on the MS2, maybe the tach output.
However, the 2 available are being used for other functions.

There is no simple solution, Spartan 2 outputs a 10-20 signal and your gauge wants a 7-23 AFR signal.

Your Solid Air Fuel Ratio Gauge appears to be the best option.
Order placed.