Controller stuck at 15.4 AFR

I’ve finally gotten my car to a point where I’m figuring out my controller. It seems to have a bit of a issue where it doesn’t want to read the proper AFR. For the power up test it gives a proper startup voltages. After the startup voltages it goes to 2.75 volts and just sits there. Occasionally it does jump slightly during startup while cranking, but that’s it.

If I let it sit, the O2 sensor does get hot. The gauge that came with the kit keeps blinking forever. I think it’s a slow blink. It changes about one per second.

I’ve gotten the same behaviour with the original sensor and a new one that I purchased for testing.

Are there any suggestions about what might be able to be done or could be causing the issue. I believe I’ve got all my wiring correct.

Hey Tim,
Did you ever get this fixed? I am having the same issue, 2 sensors now have died and only produce 15.4 AFR.

Please do the troubleshooting test and post the results, Spartan 2 Troubleshooting Guide