Android charging while plugged into Spartan3

I want to use my android device with Spartan 3, over OTG cable using Torque pro. Which works just fine

BUT, the device doesn’t charge, is there any way to provide a power INPUT to the android device while its plugged in via OTG cable?

I know there are cables that provide power to the EXTRA device plugged into an android. (like an external hard drive)
But we need the other way around here, want the android phone charging while the OTG cable has serial comms from the spartan3.


Search on Amazon or wherever for a USB OTG Y Cable. They’re designed to power the phone while using the data pins from the OTG to talk to the serial device.

If your device has micro USB then there is no solution I have found that will allow both USB hosting and charging.

If your device has USB type C then a hub like this + a vehicle 12V to type C power supply should work. It may only work on newer devices that have USB Type C PD (Power Delivery), I am not 100% sure about the specific requirements on the phone but generally the newer the device the more likely it will work.

Yeh the OTG Y cables are designed to power the OTHER device such as a hard drive, not power the phone as far as I know?

My device is an old micro USB.

Hmmm maybe I’ll try a newer USB C device…

For USB2 I have seen Youtube videos and how to guides to tap into the USB wires and make a DIY Y-cable.
For other reasons, but I also struggled to find an off the shelf (USB-C) splitter/Y-cable/hub/… and the one ou found to be working is an HP mini laptop dock. Anything I ordered from Amazon/Aliexpress did not work.

Dang this seems like a mission, be easier to make own display logger or something haha. If CAN gauges weren’t super expensive and old androids are free right… shame it’s so hard to power them while plugged into serial comms.

Hmmm what about a serial to wifi or Bluetooth adapter plugged into the spartan? I guess same issue with it not being powered?

Then the android could just connect Bluetooth or wifi to torque pro and charge normally