Adjustable narrowband output?

@toalan Is the narrowband crossover point firmware defined or an external fixed resistor divider defining the voltage of the crossover point?
I would love to see an option to set the crossover point to something other than 14.7:1 for lean burn applications. I have considered making a simple op amp comparator circuit to convert the wideband signal to an adjustable narrowband simulated output but why do this if you can twiddle some bits in code and create a more elegant solution?

I am working on it this weekend, I should have a new firmware on Monday available to download.

@toalan Absolute legend.

@toalan I see firmware 1.08 is out with the adjustable narrowband point. Is this flashable on both Spartan3 and Spartan3 Lite?
Have to confess I get people to buy only 14point7 and now only Spartan3 widebands so I can remote etune their cars but I am still on a Spartan2 since it is still alive and kicking on car no.2 several years on. I will now buy a Spartan3 to take advantage of the extra features.
Keep up with the innovations and quality products - a satisfied customer for over a decade :+1:

Ty for the support.

If you order a Spartan 3 Lite in a month or so then it should have the 1.08 firmware on it. I want to give this firmware a month of use before I start using it for new units.

I will have a Firmware update for Spartan 3 Lite available for download in 2-3 months.

@toalan No probs, I will purchase the Spartan3 heavy. A variable crossover point limited to something like 0.98 to 1.03 would be a satisfactory range if you think there is a possibility of “user error” killing engines.